Why should I allow Casadell to manage my property?

  • Because we can help you save time and grow revenues through short-term rental. Our team of experts ensures that the listings are promoted on a variety of distribution partners, all customers’ queries are answered immediately and listings are optimally priced to take advantage of seasonality. Our Cleaning team will ensure that the property is clean and adequately stocked before and after each guest visit. We offer 24*7 concierge for you and your guests.

Who are your distribution partners?

  • Casadell promotes the property on multiple platforms including AirBnB, Flipkey, Booking, Homeaway, VRBO, 9Flats, Roomorama, etc.

What are the advantages of choosing Casadell’s services?

If you are already a host on Airbnb then we can assist you

  • In becoming a “Superhost”
  • Ensure that your guests are completely satisfied, resulting in 4-5 star reviews
  • Dealing with guest inquiries on-line and in-person
  • Improve your response times
  • Dynamically manage pricing to maximize revenues
  • Promote on other short-term rental platforms
  • Promote the property so that it appears in the first few pages of search results on different short-term rental platforms

If you a frequent traveler then

  • Earn extra income while you are away from home
  • Complete calendar flexibility and easy key exchanges
  • Peace of mind that your home is in good hands
  • Return to find your home in perfect conditions

If you are looking for a tenant or sub-letter then

  • Earn more income than income earned through regular long-term tenant
  • Save time of finding a regular tenant or sub-letter
  • Frequent cleaning by professionals
  • Peace of mind that your home is in good hands

How do you ensure that my property is safe and that guests do not damage it?

  • We ensure that your property and its belongings are safe by rigorous oversight, thorough screening of guests and guest registration.
  • Oversight – We have a dedicated team to provide oversight and take care of your property during guest’s stay. We collect refundable security deposit from guests.
  • Screening – We screen potential guests before accepting the booking request.
    • Check guests’ reviews and feedback from prior hosts and ensure that they are verified on the booking channel.
    • If the guest doesn’t have sufficient reviews then interact with them to find out the group size and their purpose of visit.
    • For guests booked outside of AirBnB, the primary guests’ are required to submit valid identification and sign a legal contract with Casadell

What type of properties do you accept?

  • Casadell accepts all furnished properties, including studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms apartments, and houses. Please complete the application form with your property details and our representative will get in touch with you.

What is the cost of this service?

  • Casadell charges between 10 – 20% of booking revenues plus tax for all services. We offer personalized solutions for your needs and charge accordingly. Contact us to arrange for a free consultation.

What happens once I sign-up for Casadell services?

  • For customers that have active listings on third party platforms such as Airbnb: We will manage your listings, answer guest queries and confirm bookings. At the end of each month, we will send you a detailed report of the bookings and transfer 80% of booking revenues to your account.
  • For customers that do not have an active listing: Our expert team of staging consultants and photographer will visit your property to take pictures. We will create and manage the listing for you on our distribution partner websites.

How do you get paid?

  • At the end of each month, a detailed report is generated with booking details, occupancy rates and average nightly charges for all guest bookings. Payments schedules are flexible and determined as per your convenience.

Do I pay you if there are no bookings?

  • No, you do not have to pay us if there are no bookings

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